Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have other questions that you still don’t see an answer for, leave us a message in the contact form below.

here are some of our frequently asked questions. if you have other questions that you still don’t see an answer for, leave us a message in the contact form below.

why should everwealth manage my money?

When EVERWEALTH® was founded more than 15 years ago, we set out to change the way traditional wealth management was performed. While most of the brokers who claim to be wealth managers simply recommend investment products and leave it at that, we take a holistic approach to your wealth by creating a wealth management plan that encompasses everything you want to achieve, and we then utilize our Process to ensure it stays on track. With our proprietary planning tools and our Wealth Dashboard, we’ve bridged the gap between technology and human interaction, while still focusing on building lasting relationships. After all, we’re still a family-operated business at heart, and we tend to keep it that way.

Where are my accounts held?

For our private wealth management clients, we primarly custody accounts with TD Ameritrade Institutional. We periodically analyze the custodial marketplace to see if there are better fits for these types of accounts, and make changes when we deem them to be prudent. For our Retirement Plans, it becomes a little more complex, and we analyze each plan according to the different aspects of the plan design to determine where the plan should be held.

How can i view my accounts?

Our Wealth Dashboard allows you to aggregate all of your financial accounts so you can securely utilize a single platform to view your accounts 24/7 via web, tablet, or phone. In addition to the Dashboard, your account custodian will also provide you with a point-of-entry where you can login and view your accounts.

What are your fees?

We receive one simple fee based upon a percentage of the assets that we manage. In some specific cases, we will negotiate our fees, but primarily for our private wealth management clients, our fees typically follow the following schedule…


For our Retirement Plan Consulting Services, our fees typically follow the following schedule…


How are fees typically charged by a traditional broker?

Traditionally, brokers have recommended investment instruments that pay them commissions, being incentivized by selling specific products for their clients that may actually not be what’s best for them. As part of this, traditional brokers have provided service under a standard of oversight known as suitability, meaning that the recommendations they make only need to meet the requirements of being suitable for a client and not necessarily in their best interests.

At EVERWEALTH®, we are bound by what’s known as the fiduciary standard of oversight, obligating us to go beyond the traditional standard and act solely in our clients’ best interests. We are not incentivized to recommend one investment over another (other than it being in your best interests) and we receive nothing from any investment company or firm. While some – and hopefully most – of the traditional brokers have good intentions, it is still something to consider when basing your decision on working with a true wealth management firm.

You claim that i can 'Get Started for Free'. What does this mean exactly?

We offer a complimentary Discovery Meeting either in our office or over the phone. From there we will assess what your unique wealth goals and objectives are and if we feel like we would be a good fit for moving forward. In addition, we’ll grant you access to our Wealth Dashboard, where you will be able to link your financial accounts, see real-time updates, set up budgets, and securely upload important documents for safe-keeping. We offer these complimentary services with no obligation whatsoever.

How quickly can i get access to money if i need it?

For our private wealth management clients, we primarily utilize highly liquid funds, meaning that money can typically be made available within 1-3 business days.

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